Meet The Writer

Who is UnpopularAshley.. Good question

Where do I start? I guess I will start with the basics.. My mom named me the most popular name in the world… Ashley.  I’m a Capricorn, I’m a mother. I love sports… I’m 100% Team LeBron & Team Drake. I love writing, I love traveling. I LOVE inspiring and motivating others.

Now that we have those little facts out of the way you probably want to know what I’m about. Well lucky for you this blog is about my journey. Like most people, I’m experiencing life and right now I’m moving with no end destination. I want to write about how I feel and talk about what happens to me along the way.  Thats probably the answer you see in every introduction of a blog  so below are the other details about me.

I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I’m a proud product of Detroit Public School. I graduated from Northwestern High School where I began writing seriously during a journalism course. I wrote articles for the school newspaper for 3 years. During my senior year I was the Editor of our schools yearbook and I landed an internship at the Free Press right after graduation. While I worked at the Free Press I decided journalism wasn’t what I wanted to do. It wasn’t fast paced enough and I couldn’t see myself being behind a desk in a cubical all day.

After my internship I didn’t want to stop writing but I had to try something new to switch it up. After my first semester I joined the Poetry Society at Eastern Michigan University where I got a new outlook on writing. I wrote in a completely different capacity and I enjoyed it. Although I was pretty consistent I knew Poetry wasn’t for me. I like the creativity of Poetry but I was in love with the story telling more than anything.

Blogging, I’m not sure if this is what I want to do but I love writing. I enjoy talking about my life experiences and my opinion. “This is my canvas, Imma paint it how I want it.” – J.Cole.

I think writing is the purest form of expression. I love art in many forms but I feel when you can capture a reader they can truly see things from your point of view. Writing to me is creation.

This blog will be a sneak peak into my life. I live a very interesting life. More interesting than any intro page could explain. All I can say is come along with me for a ride.





  1. I have never met such an intelligent and insightful woman. Who seems to be wise beyond her years. It was a pleasure meeting you. Hopefully, we will have the chance to talk soon!


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